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                            About us

                            Shanghai Huiguang Fine Chemical Industry Co., Ltd is a preferred development supplier and application development specialist in the cellulose industry,we offer a broad spectrum of products and solutions for construction and other applications.

                            Huiguang is making good use of the most advanced equipment in the world and imported international and large scale cellulose ethers flexible production line. It adopts the first class gas and solid phase integral equipment reaction technology and uses DCS automatic production and control system. Our test methods comply with ASTM, USP27, and Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2005. It has various types of products and their quality meet international standard.

                            2003.05 Formal registration

                            2005.12 Established main plant

                            2006.06 Established R&D center outlive

                            2007.01 ISO9001 registered

                            2010.08 REACH registered

                            2011.04 Revamping (de-bottle-neck), doubled the capacity.

                            2011.10 Start the production of MEILOTEX

                            Huiguang, a small but strong chemical company providing innovative value to the industries of construction and other, is prepared to encounter new challenges and hunt for new technology, thereby growing into a company of infinite potential.