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                            About us

                            Shanghai Huiguang Fine Chemical Industry Co., Ltd is a preferred development supplier and application development specialist in the cellulose industry,we offer a broad spectrum of products and solutions for construction and other applications.

                            2003.05 Formal registration

                            2005.12 Established main plant

                            2006.06 Established R&D center outlive

                            2007.01 ISO9001 registered

                            2010.08 REACH registered

                            2011.04 Revamping (de-bottle-neck), doubled the capacity.

                            2011.10 Start the production of MEILOTEX

                            Huiguang, a small but strong chemical company providing innovative value to the industries of construction and other, is prepared to encounter new challenges and hunt for new technology, thereby growing into a company of infinite potential.

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